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We offer commercial insurance coverage discounts and advice from our licensed business insurance experts. Comprehensive packages include property, liability, auto, worker’s comp, errors-and-omissions, 401(k) plans, life-and-disability, supplemental benefits, and much more.

Who could ask for anything more?

Check out all available options below.

Building Owners Property & Liability Insurance

Why should business owners have all the coverage fun? This plan covers everything featured in the Property and General Liability plan, but is designed with the specific needs of property owners in mind.

Commercial Auto and Umbrella

Accidents happen; insufficient insurance coverage shouldn’t. Our Commercial Auto and Umbrella insurance protects your business in the event that an accident, injury, theft, or other damage happens while in a company vehicle.

Management Liability

Because they operate at greater exposure levels, directors, officers, managers, and business entities require different levels of protection. That’s where our Management Liability insurance comes in.

Property & General Liability

This flexible, comprehensive policy for business owners covers all of your property insurance needs, from buildings to contents, and includes liability protection against negligence lawsuits. Additional coverage may include business interruption, vehicle, liability, and flood insurance.

Professional Liability

Business is full of ups and downs. And when the downs happen (like copyright infringement, confidentiality breaches, character defamation, and more), there’s Professional Liability insurance.


Printers 401K will allow you to gain access to a team of industry-leading professionals with over 30 years retirement plan consulting experience and knowledge to review your unique circumstances, analyze the opinions available, and make best-practice recommendations.

Worker’s Compensation

Because planning is everything, our Worker’s Compensation package offers coverage for your employees when they become ill or are injured on the job.


Cyber Liability

How do you ensure your business is protected in a virtual space? Cyber Liability covers user privacy, domain name infringement, damages from the dissemination of content, the use of photos online, and more.

  • Cati Di Giovanni Southland Envelope Co., Inc.

    I appreciate know that PIBT…Lisa, Jessica, Joel…is only an e-mail or even a phone call away! It seems as though the “World of Insurance” is constantly changing and it is hard to keep up at times, but by having an experience “Team” to call-on makes my role much easier. I feel that our company is providing our employees with accurate information and the best plans for themselves and their loved ones – PIBT makes that possible.

  • Summer Gould Eye/Comm

    I loved the experience of working with PIASD on our business insurance. We saved over $5000! They helped me look over our plans and structured them to fit our business so that we are fully covered. We are in a better place today than before.

  • Linda Neumann Brillant Marketing Ideas

    PIA San Diego Insurance products has saved all the insurance confusion with easy to understand options, great pricing and wonderful support!  No more shopping around for plans every month or talking to companies that all have a better plan. Just tell them you are with PIA and they all agree that is the best deal out there with the best plans. Thank you PIA San Diego!